Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Local Trail

16ish miles; 2.5 hours. 4200 feet of climbing. 99.5% singletrack.
This trail is 45 minutes from my new apartment. This trail has a reputation similar to the reputation of Yankee Springs for riders in GR; pretty good if you don't have time to to get to something better...
This trail shattered my kneecaps. I dropped the gear to 38x20 on Friday. At the top of the first climb, I was wishing for 32x20 and/or a bucket of ice to soak my flaming kneecaps. There was lots of payoff, however; tons of swoopy downhill singletrack. I encountered just about every type of trail surface; greasy mud, frost, gravel, shale, pine needles, and super-buff tacky dirt.
I need to change my stem. The angle is right, but it is too long. That creates added...challenges during long, technical descents.
Pics to follow this evening, along with pics of my new ss xc wheelset... :)

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