Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hey, what's up?

Not too much to report. Missed the Thursday ride; had some housing logistics to handle. I did manage to get out yesterday. Rode with Brian and Ken in Forrest Park. We were out for a couple of hours; it was a good ride. They have plans to ride regularly, and have generously agreed to have be tag along.

Visited with Bernie last night. Man, that guy can pick a pizza joint! It was good to catch up.

Skipped the Cross race today. Kind of a bummer, but I had a work thing this morning and by the time I finished up I didn't have enough time to get to the venue. We'll get 'em next week.

Pics for your enjoyment follow:

Forrest Park is spoooookie!
Well, maybe not *that* spookie...
My name is Bernie; I likes me some pizza!

My name is Joe; I likes me some Bernie!


Danielle said...


We miss you guys!!!

Joe Partridge said...

You know I took that picture just for you, Musto... :)

Mr. Kisscross said...

i like your stop sign ear ring.

Joe Partridge said...

Thanks, Rick! I'm gonna have another one made to use as the headtube badge on my next Quiring... :)

jason said...

i saw those same pictures on americas most wanted!