Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Team Ride and Blog Sabbatical

The Team ride last night was...interesting. At the start, rain was pouring down. At least one rider called it quits within five minutes of the start. I was part of the "30 Minutes Out, 30 Minutes Back" faction. In the end, we stayed out for a full two hours. The rain eventually abated a bit, so the last hour wasn't too bad.

The 'pace line' was a bit tighter this week. The slower pace and smaller crowd helped, I think.

After the ride, we celebrated Nate's birthday with pizza, beer and ice cream. Is this the best team ever, or what?!?

This will be my last post for a few weeks. I will be on a non-cycling vacation with my wife, and I don't expect to have Internet access for most of the trip. Look for the next post around June 5 or June 6.


Danielle said...

I hope you and Becky have a great trip Joe!

Bring me back something good :-)

Squirrel said...

Pizza, beer, and ice cream damn that is a great combination:) Have a great trip....sometimes its nice not too take the bike.


alexdolpp said...


Anonymous said...

don't get chubby!