Sunday, June 25, 2006


Last night I...

I assembled a geared crankset. I dusted off a set of shifters.

What is wrong with me?!?


Guitar Ted said...

Joe: Endorosnob has put out the call, just so you know. So here I am saying, "Dude, you are too good at this single speed thing to be giving it up."

Besides, if you are having problems with one simple gear, who is to say that multiple gears won't cause multiple problems?

I mean, if your half worn chain and chainring is a problem on the ss, times that by nine on a gearie! Plus those gearie parts are waaay ex-spendiferous.

Stay single speed!

Carl Santiago said...

Hey Joe,
Geared or no geared. It's still Biking. Adapting to family life has taught me that even if I do not bike like crazy anymore, I still love it. Everytime I sit on that bike, I become a kid again. Free and all. The job sit. will take care of itself. There will a better job coming.

Thanks for the parts.

Carl Santiago said...

Geared or single, It is still biking. Adapting to family life has taught me that even if I do not bike like crazy, I still love doing it when I can. Every time I get in the bike I become a kid, free as all get out. The job will come and it will be a better one.

Thanks for the parts,

Steve Kinley said...

My son had a problem with the cahin coming off on a new rear cog. Seems like the depth of the valleys wasn't enough to hold the chain. None of the other cogs he tried had the same problem.

3p0 said...

nothing is wrong with you

there is nothing wrong with shifting,

just because you have the option, doesn't mean you have to use it...