Monday, March 23, 2009


It pains me to write this post. Writing this post means I am back in Portland and not out in the Utah or Colorado desert.

Pictures can be found here:

Took a quick trip out to Fruita and Moab. Rode most everything at 18 Road, and Mary's, Lion's, Horsethief and Troybuilt from Kokoppelli trailhead. Then over to Moab for Slickrock (the hard way), Amaasa Back, Flat Pass and the capstone; Porcupine Rim.

The damage? Mangled hand on Horsethief, shredded skin on Slickrock, sidewall blowout coming down Flat Pass and a variety of scrapes and bruises from sundry get-offs on Porcupine.

We had a very interesting group; three gents and two ladies. Three 29er's, one long-travel bike and one hard-ass on a 26er full-rigid ss. Only minor mechanical and medical issues. And I got to entertain the crowd at Eddie McStiff's with push-up for the manager/former Army Ranger 1st Sargent. Good times!

Equipment Notes:

You can do these trails on a ss bike; 2x1 on a 26er works but you better be a hard man. One tooth easier might be a better choice for mortals.

Full-sus is better. Firm up the suspension; high-speed impacts and the need to pump-and-jump mean too soft settings will lead to trouble.

Leave the light tires at home; lots of sharp-edged rocks. This is especially true on Porcupine Rim; I'd bring a set of heavy tires and tubes just for this trail. Nevegals at least.

You can do slickrock on Mountain Kings, but something like a SB8 or Nano would be better. Of course, Amassa Back would eat those tires...

Anybody can ride 18 Road and have a good time. On any bike. I'd ride that shit on a unicycle if given the chance.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I did my trip 10 and 5years ago and I remember getting blowouts with the old Michelin XC Lites. I went with a heavy Nokian rear.

-Carl Santiago

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