Thursday, August 28, 2008

I've been a bad, bad blogger...

1. I still need to finish the UP Trip Report

2. I've been up to St. Helen's; that should be worth a report (Hint; I killed an I-9 wheel...)

3. I won a sprint at the 3/4 race at PIR (Yakima went 1-2-3!), and I got in a 2-man breakaway that nearly went the distance.

4. I got my ass handed to me at the Kruger Kermesse.

And there is some really interesting riding just around the corner. Starcross, the Gentleman's Race, more cross racing (and a new singlespeed cross bike!) to write about.

Portland: I (heart) U!!!!!


Anonymous said...

1 2 3?


Joe Partridge said...

Yeah, we took the 2nd points sprint. Not bad for a bunch of (mostly cat 4)mountain bikers...