Sunday, April 06, 2008

So, what'd you do on Saturday?

Me, I did 45 miles and 8700 feet of climbing in just under 4 hours, according to Dr. Garmin. Used the road bike with a 39x25 small gear. Walked a very small portion of one climb, and cleaned all the rest. Had to make use of my 40-rpm singlespeed training. This ride put the hurt on my pretty good. Did I mention it was in the mid-40's? Or that it rained for the last 90 minutes? Well, it did.

I skipped the XC MTB race today. The legs just weren't feeling it.

More interesting news to follow later this week...


angry buddhist said...

see i sat in the desert and did feeds for pro riders at the norba national in this here desert...and got paid.

pretty sure you had more fun.

ps. 24 nats for 09....see me at sea otter.

Hilton Meyer said...

we'll forgive you fro whimping out of the race after reviewing this crazy lop you did... in the rain... and low temp's.

Joe Partridge said...

Well, I do feel like I did my share of climbing this weekend... :)

JM, we'll chat at SO.