Monday, November 27, 2006

Bad News

What a bummer! It turns out that Trans-Iowa 3 is being held on the one weekend in April that I am not available to race. I have a very important family event that day that cannot be rescheduled. I really wanted to do that race, but it just isn't going to work out.

On the plus side, I'll get to do this Dirt, Sweat & Gears thing down in Tennessee. Dan and Danielle will be going down there as well, so Michigan should be in the money in a few categories.

I managed to get my cross bike put back together. It didn't suffer as much as I thought from the mud and the crash on Sunday. I did have to rebuild the Candy pedals. I hope I got all those bushings and seals back in there correctly. I guess I'll find out tomorrow when I ride with these folks.

Here is a pic from the race in Sunday:

I love these cross pictures! I look so fast; just goes to show you can't believe everything you see on the internet. I like this shot in particular because it shows 1. slightly bent brake levers from the crash and 2. me hard on the *front* brake in a tight right-hander. Not smart, but when all you got is front brake, it's front brake you use.


Paddy Humenny said...

well, if it's any consilation, I'll be getting shit-faced(on cheap beer, no less) in front of my compy waiting for updates and yelling nonsence at it on the the 28/29th...gotta keep my eye on the prize...

Danielle said...

Sorry that you have to miss out on Trans Iowa, but look at the bright get to travel with Dan and me...and maybe a goat. Nothing get's better then that, right?

Endurosnob said...

I was hoping that another weekend would be chosen once I saw you put your vote for a date up on MTBR.

If I do TI, I will definately tilt a couple back in honor of you and Paddy when it's over.