Thursday, July 27, 2006


Floyd, say it ain't so! That's all I've got to say on that subject.

Did a road ride on Tuesday with the team. Well, a few members of the team. Only five people started the ride, and one bailed out along the way. Seems he needed to rest up for this weekend. Good luck, Mark.

The four remaining riders enjoyed the heat. Many sprints were contested, and I took my fair share. Not as many as Nate, but enough to feel like I earned the beer and mini-burrito afterward.

Speaking of hot, I will be riding this weekend. I don't know when or where, but it should involve knobby tires. I'll drink a cool glass of water out of respect to all the riders at Nationals. Then I will go to sleep and enjoy the AC and eight hours of rest.



Caryn Shapiro said...

So I ran into Jamie Love (City Year corps member...i think on your team) while MY son was playing against HER son in baseball and she asked if I knew what you were up to...I said I thought you might be a missing person, but obviously not! I recently talked to marion (who has 2 kids..girl and boy she had the little girl, and Suzanne had the boy) who also asked about you, so I did the old google trick...sounds like you are doing well, and busy onthe bike, but if you want real endurance sports, raise three boys! Alex is now 7 and in 2nd grade, Matthew is 5 in KDG, and Joey is 2 and might grow up to be a career criminal. He is very smart, but very devious. Rick is still in house counsel at American Elctric Power, and travels a lot because he handles some lobbying and PAC work now as well. I am going back to school this fall to get my 7-12th grade teaching certificate and TESOL endorsement so I can teach GED classes...huge need here now for GED. Marion says i will be teaching Trakila and Desi's kids....maybe so, but at least I'll be prepared! I am also running catering business from home that has kept me unbelievably busy. Hope all is well with you and Becky, e-mail sometime at

Paddy Humenny said...